Your Partner in Dairy Solutions

Partner with our Route experts and find what you are looking for

You are too busy.

Ever time you turn around, you find yourself needing something. More medicine, more dips, a pair of boots, a feed scraper, a replacement gate- the list goes on and on.

You do without it until you’re on your last bottle, your feet are wet, and the gate in hanging on by it’s last thread, because who has time to go out and get more?!

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Let us come to you.

When you work with out route team, your needs are met. With a monthly visit from a product expert, you’ll have all the supplies you need. Get more while staying on the farm.



Meeting your needs, one visit at a time

Leaving the farm to pick up supplies is the last thing you have time for.

  • From New York to Virginia
  • Over 15 route specialists 
  • Offering over 6,240 different products

How it works

1. Search

Connect with your local shop and find your route specialist.

2. Meet

Meet with your route specialist at the farm each month, or leave a note on one of our supply lists.

3. Deliver

Your supplies will be delivered within a week!

4. Celebrate

Enjoy results and a new partnership with Fisher & Thompson for life!

Wherever your farm is located, we can reach you. Our footprint allows us to travel from New York to Virginia. Working with multiple brands allows us to find you almost anything you need at the most competitive pricing available. Our company network alone allows us to provide an in-house experts for you no matter what problem you face. If you have a question or a problem, Fisher & Thompson has an answer.