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Your needs are specific to you.

Often times you may find it difficult to find someone who offers automation for your particular needs. Our CIDEC custom solutions solve even the most complex needs. 

Chill Center
The Chill Center is a unique solution for farms struggling with X
Simflex Plus
Our one of a kind Simflex Plus allows our customer to Y
Why settle for an ordinary pasteurizer when we can build you a custom one that fits all your needs? Our pasteurizers allow you to...

How It Works

1. Search

Connect with your local shop and expert.

2. Discover

Identify your needs with our team of experts and explore our solutions.

3. Execute

Implement the plan with your Fisher & Thompson team.

4. Celebrate

Enjoy results and new partnership with Fisher & Thompson for life!

CIDEC has been successfully creating custom solutions for dairy farmers throughout New York since 1996. In 2023, Fisher & Thompson acquired CIDEC, allowing their custom solutions line to impact farmers throughout the east coast. CIDEC’s team aims to help you solve your specific needs through three customized automation products: the Simflex Plus, the Chill Center, and the Pasteurizer.